How Two Sparkle

Dozens of pretty girls and boys and glamourous elders swarmed into a tiny Melbourne cupcake shop to celebrate the coming-of-age of, a charming blog now blossomed into a proper website. Sister stylists Jess and Stef Dadon kicked off their diary blog last year, using it as a conduit of sparklearkley musings and a way to keep in touch during Stef’s six month sojourn in Paris. So attractive and amusing were their stories of travel and fashion and young lives in big cities, the blog scored a mention or three in international media so, naturally, bang went the clicks. Why not make it official, they pondered while basking in their new found fame and, quite rightly, planned a party with a bunch of proper sponsors and official guest list to do just that.
Little Cupcakes, a chic little cake shop in Degraves Street, Melbourne, was picked as the perfect, synergetic venue . A “double launch” welcomed not only How Two Live, but a new range of decadent gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. Now, all there is for Jess and Stef to do is continue posting those pretty musings and pictures of their often matching outfits, picked from the creamy cream of current fashion and filtered through their unique and sunny prism.

Pictured at Little Cupcakes, Jess and Stef and shoes.

Janice Breen Burns,