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 So, you want to be a model? What does your mum do? Main photo: Camille MacDonald, by Kirra Jayde. LONGFORM POST: allow 8 minutes read time. We’re in a cafe on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne, one of those blah glass and marble affairs full of potted palms, corporate suits and grilled eggplant foccacias. Greg(…)


Accolades are still popping like champagne bubbles across social media for Toni Maticevski today. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was tick-tick-ticking over eversonicely yesterday when – boom! – the modest Melbourne designer shooed his spring collection onto its boxed-H runway. “Soooo….OMG!!”hooted fashion week’s Lost For Words. “Just amaaaayzing!”, trilled its legions of Girlybloggers. “His best(…)


  So far, so…iffy-to-prettygoodnotgreat-to-bloody-marvellous. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is halfway through Day Two, a reasonable checkpoint for howzit going and so far, the trinity of red carpet thrillers (reported on Voxfrock here), a brace of very-fetching-though-admittedly-not-earth-shattering frocklets and separates from By Johnny (scroll quickly from here) Bec&Bridge and Ginger & Smart plus some excellent(…)


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia is firing on all proverbial cylinders. Two red carpet kings and one queen lead out the first spring/summer collections… O CARLA Peerless Aussie doyenne Carla Zampatti kicked off proceedings last night at runway headquarters, the cavernous Carriageworks venue in the Sydney suburb of Everleigh (a bugger of a place to(…)


For you, dear Voxfrockers, we braved two cinemas bristling with Coke-slurping, popcorn-gnashing coughers, sniffers, chatterers and lolly-bag rattlers to compose learned reviews of Noah and Tracks. Then we joined guffawing hoards for the first, traditionally iffy nights of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Why (we hear you ask) did we set such taxing challenges for this(…)


Alexia Petsinis discovers a stream of evocative words and a sheath of tenderly draped silk can conjure the same lovely illusion…. IMAGINING CHANEL: A SALON FASHION SHOW “Ladies and Gentleman, yes, even you there, le beau homme at the back. Welcome darlings, to the salon show of Madame Chanel…” Words are powerful. I have often(…)