Especially for you, Dear Reader, the Voxfrockers are off their proverbials and plunging again, tiaras first, into the glitteryglammery world of Vamff. Yessirreebob, the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival will be our beat and yours for its final chockers week, with a stellar chorus of guest Voxfrockers and Voxfrock Rookies reporting in the journalistic styles we know you know we love.


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VAMFF Melbourne Fashion Festival


So let’s crack on shall we! We’re thrilled to re-introduce the divine and terribly fashionable reporting duo, Estelle Michaelides and Kayla Piccolo. At frockeramas past, they have chased down the most intriguing fashionistocrats milling around the shows on Voxfrock’s behalf. And they’re poised to pounce (ever-so-gracefully, natch) again! But they have also promised an extra treat: targetted and intrigiuing encounters with some of Melbourne’s key indie designers so, brace, breath bated.

Re-meet the lovely Estelle…


Estelle Michaelides is a stylist, fashion designer and illustrator, influencer, writer and muser on all things creative, with a focus on fashion. Estelle expresses her passion for fashion and style myriad ways, championing the Melbourne fashion scene through her blog, The Estelle Report, and her various social channels. She sums up the importance of developing personal style: “When you finally understand how empowering dressing to your authentic self can be, you become an infallible self oracle!”

And re-meet the exceptionally talented Kayla….

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Kayla is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, with a strong interest in street photography. A passion that’s grown from a childhood, Kayla explores story telling through images and short videos.

Happy frocking; see you at the shows! Kisses, The Voxfrockers.