Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2016 is done and dusted, Dear Ones; catwalks collapsed, models dispersed, perfumed hoards clattering back to their day jobs. The Voxfrockers are utterly frocked, lolling around our fifth, sadly empty, jug of Mai-Tai as we speak! Time to contemplate our next frocky project (Viktor & Rolf! New York! Milan! Paris!) but, not before a proper round-up-cum-send-off of this week’s Most Memorable Moments of Exceptional Self Expressive Style and Sophistication (or, as we like to so succinctly acronymistically put it “M.M.M.E.S.E.S.S.”)

Yes indeed, our most beloved, preposterously talented and popular sessional guest Voxfrockers, reporter Estelle Michaelides and photographer Kayla Piccolo, have perused the MSFW crowds, plucked their pick of MMMESESS’es, and curated today’s pictorial essay of fashionable gorgeousness and gorgeousity just for you, Dear Ones, with a side of deep musings on the nature of style. Bon appetit, with love from The Voxfrockers. xxx



Above; “Fashion is honesty. Given the freedom to choose what we wear everyday, clothing becomes a reflection of how people feel about themselves and the world around them.” Phoebe Montague


Above; “It’s inspiring to see slow fashion gain momentum. I’m constantly learning how to make smarter choices which is a great thing.” Simone Farrugia


Above; “People say black is boring, but there are so many great fabrics, cuts and textures to play with. I love the challenge of styling layers of black to make it interesting.” Melissa Polglase FullSizeRender-3

Style always come from within pushing not only your own boundaries but society’s expectations.” Heidi Frahamer

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 9.45.37 AMMy style mantra is structured femininity – bold colours, clean lines, tailoring and experimenting with layering. Someone described me the other day as a postmodern Audrey Hepburn – I took it as a huge compliment.” Melly Singer

IMG_4422I try to express my style all year round, but have to admit I do make more of an effort during fashion week. It encourages me to try out clothing combos or items that are a bit too fancy for wearing around the house or down to the library.” Leeyong Soo

IMG_4481With so many stresses in life it’s good to have a bit of fun with fashion and inject colour and creativity into the day to day. Colour makes my world go round!” Annabel from The Eternal Headonist

IMG_4504I’d prefer to be regarded as stylish rather than fashionable. To have style is to know how to wear anything well. I like to embrace my individuality and have fun with my outfits, mix things up plus invest in building my wardrobe of heirlooms than a pile of land fill!” Gwendolynne Burkin

IMG_4508What you wear says more about you than words ever can.” Jason Grech

IMG_4614Style is found in clothes that have a little bit of magic in them. Isn’t it fabulous when you can turn your love of playing dress ups into your everyday reality?” Lady Petrova

IMG_4501For me style is effortless street gender neutral identity. A modern take on street wear accentuated with refined fabrics, heightened with bold graphics.” Erik Yvon


Estelle Michaelides (main picture, top, photographed by Kayla Piccolo) is a stylist, fashion illustrator, influencer, writer, muser on all things creative and especially, fashionable. Estelle’s love for fashion and style is nestled deep in her spirit and expressed myriad elegant ways. For this MSFW essay, she asked myriad Melbournians to muse on their definitions of fashion and style. And, she offered her own: “When you finally understand how empowering dressing to your authentic self can be, you become an infallible self oracle!”

Kayla Piccolo (pictured below) is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne, with a strong interest in street photography. A passion that’s grown from a childhood, Kayla explores story telling through images and short videos.

Kayla Piccolo